The Beginning Of The End

The beauty of this world you perceive is a culmination of the schemes done by people who strive to be the Heaven themselves. The gains in handling fleeting, fragile, malleable lives like ours make them matter… The Heavens render us in a simulation and turn our will obsolete.

What for does the Everlasting Void exist? Is it so beyond our control if the blight swallows the abode we know of? Or is the permeation simply permitted to happen because chaos is meant to dwell? Is it made so that in the darkest corners of this new world, justice is simply negligible?

In all of this, you notice that the burn in your heart was not ignited by anger nor despair. You were simply aching out of hurt… your will did not dissolve from the day you graced the Shintorii and that Shojin gave you your Box. You are more firm to plant your foot down and restart the simulation.

You now know for sure; you are meant to question, you are meant to mediate, you are meant to stir this world… you are the motion this world needs, now that you know of its nature. The heart, the mind, and the eyes of the Shojin set the soul forth for the last breath of the Shinsekai to be one of relief.

In a world barely conclusive of what must end and what must begin, all Shojins walk fleeting lives, but they all live a span worth the work and heartful worry…

There’s no knowing what to do to make every ounce of possibility foster from everything you know of right now… but the last thing to do is to close your eyes.

You are the future. You are the revolution.

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