Shinsekaii's Tori Gate

The long climb has placed you in proximity with the Shintorii. A gate once warm welcomes with open arms to a cradle of solace. The heart of the Shinsekai gently weaves a calming hum to its world so divine. The Shojins of the past were worried not of a boisterous stir, for the noise all dissolves when it meets The Divine Barrier.

But to long for peace and harmony is the acknowledgement of balance; the good and the bad, the Shintorii embraced them all… blights in the Shinsekai got harder and harder to discern.

The permeation of the Everlasting Void began to rush through the never-closing gate, slowly depleting what was home to the Shojins. When the shadows looming the Shinsekai take more souls, the one to everlast continues to revitalize his realm.

Eyes open now. The Shintorii flashes in sight the corners of the Shinsekai most needing you. Meet and hear forth the souls who were once like you, unknowing and full of innocuous wonder. Carry the curiosity and light you bear, hold onto it for dearest life. Swarm the bleak hearts of the lost and cleanse off their burning despair.

The Shinsekai’s future is one you catalyze… please be the sun this new world revolves to.

One step in, thousands way out… three words in, in my voice these words sound:

The abode once pure

Now prone to his foul deceit

Achingly moves forth

Check the clock, tick tock tick tock...

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